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A recent study shows that 1 in 5 people develop foot pain at some stage throughout their lives. This is influenced by your job, activity, and lifestyle, and the more active you are, the more likely you will develop foot pain.

Fixing foot pain is what we do, so how does your Podiatrist at Sole Focus Podiatry support your sole?

We have many treatment options available, and the underlying cause of your sore feet will determine the best treatment option.

Footwear Advice

In some cases, simple footwear advice is all that’s required, and it’s essential to make sure your footwear matches the activity and your foot type.

If you’re on your feet all day, then you need a shoe that is both supportive and stable and has adequate cushioning.

Suitable footwear comes with a price, but how valuable are your feet?


If you have flat feet, you may benefit from having orthotics made.

When you stand, if your foot flattens and rolls inwards at the ankle too much, it places a lot of on the muscles and tendons, and this is often the source of many long-term foot and ankle problems.

Shockwave Therapy

If you have a typical foot type, and we’ll tell you if this is the case, yet you are still getting sore feet, you may benefit from Shockwave Therapy.

Shockwave therapy delivers gentle, focused acoustic waves to the painful/damaged tissues.

It is clinically proven to treat various foot and leg conditions, including heel pain, heel spurs, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain.


Yes, suitable footwear and orthotics can help, but you need to focus on strengthening your feet so they can withstand higher forces.

Our Podiatrists can curate a personalized stretching and strengthening program to help keep your feet and legs strong!

Take Action

Untreated foot problems can and will lead to long-term joint damage and arthritis, so putting it off now will only make things worse later.

No two feet are the same, which is why our podiatrists are trained to offer various treatment options.

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