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Say Goodbye To Stubborn Plantar Warts!

They’re as common as they are painful, and too often we have clients presenting with plantar warts that they have suffered with for far too long, only to realise that we have access to leading-edge technology that works to banish these stubborn warts in clinic!

Swift Microwave Technology currently has the highest success rate in the global market for treating stubborn plantar warts, and we are proud to be the only clinic in Toowoomba offering this state-of-the-art machine!

So, let’s take it right back to the start and learn about Plantar Warts themselves – what exactly are they?

Like their name suggests, a plantar wart is a wart that finds itself on your feet – generally forming on high pressure areas.

Plantar warts can vary in size and appearance but generally they present as a bumpy, irregularly shaped lump, sometimes with tiny black dots speckled throughout.

They can be painful to touch or put pressure on which can cause issues particularly when they present in weight-bearing areas of the feet.

Onto the next question – how does one end up with a plantar wart?

Contrary to popular belief (and often client concern!), poor hygiene isn’t the cause of these nasty little guys! Instead, you contract one by coming into contact with Human Papillomavirus (HPV).

Warts are predominantly skin infections, so they are easily spread from person to person. HPV loves to find open wounds or breaks in the skin, and also targets those with lowered immunity.

Unfortunately, you can become infected with HPV and not know about it until you notice the wart and it becomes painful or begins to spread!

Are plantar warts contagious?

Yes, they absolutely are! Plantar warts are easily spread from person to person which means it’s especially important to take proper precautions if you happen to have one yourself, to stop the spread!

Something as simple as coming into contact with a pair of dirty socks that belong to another person with a plantar wart can cause you to contract one yourself.

The virus also LOVES damp, humid and warm areas so bathrooms, swimming pools and saunas can provide the perfect breading ground!

So, now that we know the ‘what’ and ‘why’, what treatment options are available to you?

There are a number of treatment options on the market from over-the- counter ointments to freezing of the wart, but luckily for you Sole Focus Podiatry is home to a new treatment that is the global leader in removal of stubborn plantar warts.

And the best part? Only slight discomfort that eases within seconds due to the short length of the procedure and absolutely zero downtime post- treatment.

Swift Wart Therapy is the world leader for a reason and most clients only require an average of 3 appointments!

How does Swift Wart Therapy work?

Our fancy Swift machine uses medical grade microwave technology to treat the wart without causing damage to the skin. The Swift machine prompts your body to fight and cure the virus through a sudden increase in temperature to the affected area.

Swift treatments are very quick, which is another reason we love them so much. And, once the treatment has been administered you are left with zero pain, no need for bandages and no down-time.

One of our experienced Podiatrists will work with you to curate a personalised treatment plan, with each session administered 4 x weeks apart.

So, if you’ve been living with a stubborn plantar wart and you’re ready to reclaim your lower limb health, we’d love to see you in clinic and discuss how our Swift Wart Therapy can work for you.

This article was written by our experienced Podiatrist, Jess. To book an appointment with Jess to discuss your very own plantar wart treatment plan, click HERE.

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