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Our BIGGEST Laser Therapy special... ever!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Spring is just around the corner, and that means open-toe shoes are ready to make their way back from the depths of your wardrobe... but, are your feet ready?

Fungal toenails are an extremely common condition that affects approximately 10% of the population, but their commonality doesn't make them any less embarrassing for those that suffer from them!

Luckily for you, we're here to help...

To help Toowoomba combat 'Open-Toe Shoe Season' we are launching our BIGGEST ever Lunula Laser special.

Our Lunula Laser Machine offers a fast, painless and effective solution for fungal nail sufferers.

Clear, beautiful nails can be yours for life - sounds pretty good right?

So, what exactly are we offering?

From September 1st through to October 31st, we are offering the following...

  • A FREE 10 minute consultation with one of our experienced Podiatrists to ensure that Laser is the right fit for you

  • A saving of $50 per Laser session - usually $139 per session (for one foot), NOW only $89!

T&Cs do of course apply, so head to this link to read all the finer details - Terms & Conditions. Special offer is available at our Northpoint Toowoomba Clinic.

What does a Laser Therapy session look like you may be wondering?

It's absolutely not as scary as it sounds, in fact our Lunula Laser machine is a fast, painless and extremely effective solution to Fungal Nails!

Your journey to clear nails starts with a simple appointment at Sole Focus.

During our promotional period, in September and October, this consultation is completely FREE! And, if Laser doesn't feel like it's for you, there is no obligation to book your treatments in after your consultation!

Once you're here...

Your experienced Podiatrist will work with you to curate a personalised treatment plan, generally consisting of a 4-session plan with appointments spaced approximately a fortnight apart.

Depending on the severity of your condition this may be all you need for a lifetime of clear nails and open-toed shoes!

And, finally...

Because we understand the importance of prevention, we also offer complimentary shoe sanitising whilst you are having your treatment. This ensures that your shoes are a healthy place for your feet to be post-treatment. This little extra guarantees the best chance of treatment success.

So, if dipping your toe (pardon the pun!) into the Laser Therapy water sounds tempting, why not book a FREE consultation to learn if this treatment is suited to your fungal toenail condition.

You've really got nothing to lose!


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