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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

It’s estimated that 1.2 million people in Australia have diabetes according to the National Health Survey. Out of those 1.2 million sufferers, many are unaware of the connection between their diagnoses and their lower limb health.

If you suffer from Diabetes there are a number of things that high on your priority list and looking after your feet may not take the lead – we get it! But Diabetes is associated with nerve damage and a reduction in blood flow to your feet so regular check-ins with your podiatrist are extremely important!

Without proper care and annual podiatry reviews, people with Diabetes can develop painful foot ulcers which can lead to extreme measures such amputations.

So, when it comes to Diabetic Foot Care these are our top tips:

1. Daily Foot Checks – It might sound excessive, but this quick daily check can save you from a lot of pain down the track! Each morning when you wake up, get into the habit of checking the bottom of your feet and in between your toes for redness, cuts, blisters, dryness, cracks or sores.

2. Wear Well-Fitting Shoes – Although it sounds obvious, comfortable, properly fitted footwear with socks can be the best preventative measure there is! You should steer clear of pointed toe shoes or high heels, and when purchasing shoes always try them on at the end of the day as your feet can swell across the day and your new shoes should account for this change.

3. Never Go Barefoot Outside – People with Diabetes heal much slower so ensure you are always wearing appropriate footwear outside to avoid any potential cuts or exposure to the elements

4. Regular Exercise is Key – Daily movement is not only great for your overall health, but it improves your blood flow and keeps your blood sugar levels healthy!

5. See Your Podiatrist – It is recommended that all people with diabetes have

an annual check-up with their Podiatrist. This annual review includes

assessing blood flow, testing the nerves in your feet and looking for any issues with your skin and nail health. We will also recommend appropriate foot care and shoes to keep your lower limbs healthy.

This article was written by our experienced Podiatrist, Jess. To book an appointment with Jess to discuss Diabetes and caring for your feet, at our Northpoint Toowoomba clinic, click here.

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