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Happy Feet - The Summer Edition

We’re in the thick of Summer and relishing in all the activities, which unfortunately can have more of an effect on your feet than you may realise!

So, we thought we’d share our top tips on having summer ready feet. And some sneaky little tips to ensure that these hot days aren’t your lower limbs’ worst enemy!

Moisturise – DAILY!

One of the simplest foot care tips that we can give you! Taking 2 minutes after your shower each night to pop some moisturiser on your feet can do more good than you realise! Especially if your Summer adventures involve plenty of sun and water which can take a toll on your feet!

Nail Polish isn’t your best friend all the time!

We know how nice a pedicure looks, but did you know that nail polish can dehydrate your toenails which in turn weakens them and increases the chance of them breaking!

We don’t expect you to ditch the nail polish for good though – just giving your toes a break from it whenever you can is amazing. And, when you do need a polish, we recommend reaching for a Podiatrist approved option! Dr’s Remedy have a fantastic range.

Address any fungal nails!

Sounds gross right? But fungal nails are extremely common, and present in the form of yellowing, brittle or cracked nails.

Luckily for you we have a revolutionary treatment available at Sole Focus to help you say goodbye to fungal toenails for good! We wrote an informative post about Fungal Nail Therapy here – ALL THINGS LASER THERAPY.

To book an appointment to see if laser nail therapy is the answer you have been looking for click HERE.

Sunscreen is for your feet too!!

You probably wouldn’t be surprised that our feet are often overlooked when it comes to applying sunscreen, but we’re here to remind you to lather up those lower limbs!!

For all the obvious reasons of course – no

one needs to deal with sunburn, and we know how harsh that Aussie sun can be!

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