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Five signs that you may need orthotics...

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about orthotics, but do you really know about the huge string of lower limb concerns that they work to fix?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that orthotics are just a ‘shoe insert’ that makes your feet fit a little better in your shoes, but that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface on what these incredible little ‘inserts’ are capable of.

At Sole Focus Podiatry we are proud to offer custom orthotic therapy, so we are able to tailor your orthotics to suit you and the uniqueness of your lower limbs.

So, without further ado… our wrap up of the top five signs that you may need orthotics!

1. You have a high arch OR flat feet

When it comes to a high arch, orthotics can be the perfect addition to your shoes and can prevent issues such as foot pain, ankle instability and toe issues that can come with high arches.

Similarly, when it comes to flat feet, orthotics can help to reduce the pressure on your arches, and can prevent rolling. It’s common to experience pain and overpronation (inward rolling of the foot) with flat feet, and orthotics really can be your best friend in these cases!

2. You’re noticing uneven wear on your shoes

Have you ever noticed that one of your shoes seems to look a little worn than the other? If so, this could point to a multitude of lower limb concerns, all of which orthotics can address. Whether it’s different leg lengths (more common than you may think!), overpronation (inward rolling) or supination (outward rolling), we are able to custom make orthotics to suit.

3. You suffer from foot pain

If every day activities are causing you pain, then it really is time to see a Podiatrist. There’s absolutely no need for you to live with foot pain that can often be solved with something as simple as custom orthotics!

And, if it isn’t a case of orthotics, we have plenty of other avenues that can address this common concern.

4. You’ve suffered from an injury in the past

Injuries can change the way you walk and therefore lead to you needing extra support for your lower limbs. Orthotics may just be the solution to ensure you are not only well aligned, but to prevent any further injuries!

5. You suffer from sharp heel pain

If you’re experiencing sharp heel pain (especially when you first wake up in the morning), then you may be suffering from a common lower limb ailment – Plantar Fasciitis. There are a number of things that can cause Plantar Fasciitis including tight arches, weight gain, footwear and certain daily activities. Custom made orthotics can help to alleviate the symptoms no matter what the cause by providing your feet with additional support and cushioning!

These five common signs really are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to custom orthotic therapy. Orthotics can help with a multitude of lower limb concerns and you may even find that your private health insurance covers a large percentage of one pair of orthotics each year.

If custom orthotic therapy sounds like it could be the key to a lower limb issue you’ve been experiencing, we’d love to see you in clinic and help you on your journey to healthy lower limbs!

This article was written by our experienced Podiatrist, Jess. To book an appointment with Jess to discuss custom orthotic therapy - click here!

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