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Everything a parent needs to know before school shoe shopping!

We know the school year has only just wrapped up, but we thought we’d give you plenty of time to get yourself prepped for 2022.

Back to school often means the (sometimes) dreaded new shoe shop. But, we are here to make it hopefully a touch easier by ensuring you have all the facts you need to start your children’s year off on the right foot… literally!

Your child's feet are constantly changing as they grow and so ensuring that they have supportive, well fitted and good quality school shoes is a must. During the school years children spend a huge percentage of time in their school shoes, so it only makes sense that we select the right ones!


It’s common to aim for a pair of shoes that are going to last all year, but this isn’t always achievable.

School shoes can cop quite the beating, and scuffs, water damage and general wear and tear can affect the integrity of your child’s shoes.

Secondly, your child’s feet can grow quite rapidly, and it isn’t unusual for them to need a new pair to accommodate this during the year!

Whilst you may be lucky enough to make it through the year on the same pair, we recommend doing a little check in on size and wear and tear at the beginning of each term.

Shoe Criteria

There are a number of things to look out for when buying a pair of school shoes for your child including:

· Quality – you really do pay for what you get!

· Purpose – ballet flats can be a nice looking alternative to the standard school shoe, however you will be sacrificing your child’s lower limb health!

· Shock absorption – children are very active, so this is a must!

· Material – leather and natural fibres are often the best choice.

· Structure – try and stay away from anything too rigid and heavy. Closed shoes that are secured with velcro, laces or buckles are always the best option.

· Bend – check that the shoes bend around the area that your child’s feet naturally do.

· Fit – they should fit snuggly around the heel with no room to move around/slip in & out.

Wearing them in

We always recommend that your child takes some time over the school holidays to wear their new shoes in. As with any new shoes, blisters can develop upon first wear.

Ensuring your children’s lower limbs are well looked after…

Of course, we always recommend an annual visit to see us to ensure that your child’s feet are well supported. Our experienced podiatrists can assist you in choosing the correct footwear for your child and give plenty of suggestions on how to care for their feet through these shaping years!

We will be closed from COB 21 December 2021 and reopening on Wednesday 5th January 2022. Our online booking system will remain open over this period to allow you to book that pre-school term appointment in over the holidays.

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