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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

If you want to dance through life, you should be scheduling an annual appointment with your lower limb health experts - prevention is the key to a healthy life!

We'd forgive you if you thought that our job as Podiatrists was purely to fix in-grown toenails or dry cracked feet once you hit your senior years. Whilst we absolutely do these things, there's a whole lot more to our jobs, and many more reasons that you should be checking in for your annual appointment with us!

You've probably heard the term 'prevention is the best cure' before, and it couldn't be more relevant to your lower limbs. Just like the dentist, a regular check-in with your Podiatrist can be the key to a healthy life - and you don't need a single ailment to warrant a visit with us!

Plus, if you have private health cover you likely have an annual Podiatry allowance in the mix so you'd be crazy not to use it. And, if you don't have private health, thats A-OK too - don't let that deter you from booking a 12-monthly check-up!

So, where should you start?

Well, a biomechanical assessment is a great first step. It's nowhere near as scary as it sounds though and is basically just an initial appointment where we use all sorts of cool technology to find out everything we need to know about your feet.

We talk to you about your lifestyle to understand how you use your feet day-to-day. This includes delving into things like exercise routines, career and the kind of shoes that you wear.

From here, we get you to go for a casual stroll on our in-clinic treadmill so we can use our video analysis technology to determine how your feet are performing. If you're an avid runner and are eager to hit some goals in that arena we can also get you running on the treadmill to look at your strides and work with you to ensure you are set up to perform optimally.

We also highly recommend bringing in any footwear that you wear regularly whether it be for work or exercise, or just your favourite weekend shoe! We can tell you if they're the right shoe for your feet and offer any suggestions on footwear that supports your individual lifestyle.

From here, we can offer our advice to ensure the next 12 or so months until your next appointment are healthy ones for your lower limbs. And, if we pick up on any underlying conditions or just potential barriers to living your healthiest life, we can curate a plan to suit.

So, next time you book your regular GP check-up or your annual visit to dentist, think about your lower limbs and lock in an appointment with us! We'd love the chance to get you on the right path to optimal lower limb health!

This article was written by our experienced Podiatrist, Jess. To book an appointment with Jess at our Northpoint Toowoomba clinic, click here.

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