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Biomechanics and Gait Analysis

A biomechanical assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function. It involves a number of key elements and tests that are used to obtain a clear overview of the body’s movement behaviour, restrictions and possible compensations that are taking place. 


The different elements that make up a thorough biomechanical assessment include:

  • Joint range of motion testing

  • Muscle strength testing

  • Static postural assessment

  • Dynamic assessment (walking/running analysis)

  • Functional testing (review the body’s ability to perform certain movements)

  • Flexibility testing (muscle elasticity)


The results of a biomechanical assessment are used to generate a diagnosis and treatment plan. 


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The initial consultation with our expert podiatrist will involve a full physical examination of the lower limb and gait analysis. It is vital that our podiatrist can look at every aspect of your feet and the footwear you wear.


Please bring in the footwear that your spend most of your time in, including running/fitness footwear. Please bring any relevant medical information or results from scans/tests and your referral, if you have one.